Welcome to our September 2015 Travel Wrap-up.  September saw us doing a little more traveling than previous months, due to our contracts being one week in a location then one to two weeks in another.

  1. We started out at Banning Mills in Whitesburg, GA.  Historic Banning Mills is home to the World’s Longest Zipline.  We really enjoyed our time at Banning Mills even though we did not ride the ziplines, maybe next time.  We did however enjoy a great Couples Massage.  One thing to note is you must signup for an event if you are staying in the RV park, so it does raise the nightly rate once factored in.
  2. After Banning Mills we needed to make our way back to The Charlotte NC area, but had a few days to make it there.  We decided to make our way via Myrtle Beach SC, where we spent the night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, after talking to the managers for approval.
  3. From Myrtle Beach we made our way back to Charlotte, however we did not realize that it was a race weekend, so all the campgrounds were booked up.  After some quick research we found a horse camp in Cheraw, SC.  Other than a scary road to access the campground, it turned out to be a nice quiet camground.
  4. Once the race crowds left we were able to return to Morganton, NC to finish another week of Go Live Support.
  5. Our next project sent us to the Augusta GA area for a couple of weeks.  Based on the hospital location I would be supporting, we choose to stay in Milledgeville, GA where we setup camp at a Marina and RV park right on the lake.  During the week it was a nice peaceful campground, once the weekend hit it got a little louder, but still a great experience.
  6. After Augusta was finished, we had no projects planned, so we decided to visit some family and friends  in Missouri and finish out the month.


All in all we ended up doing more driving than we would have liked too, and will have to see how things go in the future.  If you are interested in how it works out for us, then please check back often.