It is crazy to think that 3/14 marked our 1 yr Nomadiversary. In this year we have went from a 22′ Hybrid Travel Trailer, to a 35′ Class A, and now we are in a 32′ 5th wheel, getting ready to buy a Tow Vehicle.  Each has served a different purpose over this last year, and has allowed us to live comfortably and stay debt free.

Though we have not been able to travel as much as we like, due to the fact that we have had to rely on 3-6 month long projects, We are getting much closer to being location independent.

We started our Journey when we paid cash for a 22′ Bantam Hybrid Travel Trailer, and parked it near Jacksonville, FL where we were finishing up a project.  The Hybrid worked out as it was the largest trailer we could find that our Jeep Liberty could pull, just barely.   Luckily we did not have to move it very often and mainly staying in 1 campground for the duration.  The canvas beds made for a nice experience, while living in Florida.

Once we left Jacksonville, we decided that something more suited to full-time travel was needed.  April stated that she did not want anything longer than 30ft and No Slides.  We ended up purchasing a 99′ Bounder that was 35ft long and 1 slide.  For several months we traveled around the Midwest and Southeast USA while looking for our next project, taking 1-2 week long projects when I could and visiting family at other times.  April and I were never pleased with the feel of traveling in a Class A.  Travel days seemed to be loud, and the family was disconnected, since the kids sat behind the wall when the slide was in.  But it was nice to be able to pull into a parking lot drop the jacks and push the slide out without having to get outside of the vehicle.

Around November we ended up taking a project in Wisconsin.  This is the farthest North we have been, and the first time we would ever be Cold Weather Camping.  We did not know what to expect, and are grateful for a Mild Winter.  With that being said, during the coldest times we had to go without Hot Water in the Rig and even Cold water on the coldest days.  Constantly dealing with Frozen pipes and hoses is not something that I want to repeat anytime soon.  Even with all of the problems on the outside of the rig, we stayed nice and toasty on the inside by running 2 Electric Heaters, and allowing the Propane furnace to provide supplemental heat when needed.

With the current project wrapping up, and things starting to thaw, we have decided to make the jump to a 5th wheel and Truck combo, that will make for more pleasing Travel Days.  It also gives us the extra space on the inside to have a little more separation for the kids.

Looking back at our last year, has made us realize that we should have went full-time on the road years ago.  It is not without its ups and downs, but I can’t imagine anything else I would rather do, than travel the country with my Family.  Over the last few months we have really been ramping up our business, and are confident that it will be going strong enough to replace my consulting income here shortly.  I am looking forward to not having someone tell me where I need to be for work, and having the flexibility to move or stay as we see fit.

Here’s to our first year on the road, and looking forward to many many more.