So for years I have been one to lean towards sandals instead of shoes or boots. Unfortunately when it comes to working in Healthcare and Healthcare IT they kind of frown on sandals or open toe shoes at work. As soon as I would get home or on the weekends my Dr Martens would be on my feet.

At some point it was decided that my Dr Martens were just too big and clunky to carry around in the RV for occasional use, so out they went. Since then I have been on the hunt for a good pair of sandals to replace them. I tried a pair of Skechers that started out comfortable until the Memory Foam ripped up. A couple pair of Flip Flops have been purchased when needed for the Beach or River, but nothing has worked out until recently.

While doing some research on sandals I came across Xero Shoes, and Barefoot running. Now I am not a runner so Barefoot running was a foreign concept and not something I had heard of… So off to do some more research… I did remember that I had seen Xero Shoes on Shark Tank as Invisible Shoes, several years ago.

After reading through the website and watching several Youtube Videos, I decided to give them a try. For the price it wouldn’t hurt the wallet too bad if they turned out to be a flop… ­čÖé

Venture-Coal-FeaturedI placed my order for a pair of Amuri Ventures and was surprised when they showed up just a couple of days later, in a very small package. I couldn’t wait to try them on.

At first there was definitely some getting use to and adjustment of the laces. Even a couple of weeks later there are occasional needs to making adjustments as my feet get used to the changes. I have also started to walk around the campground barefoot and use my Xero Shoes when I will be going indoors where they require shoes to be worn, or when I will be walking on extremely sharp rocks.

The feeling of wearing Xero Shoes is very similar to going barefoot with just a thin layer between your foot and any sharp objects. i am very surprised at how comfortable it is and how easy it was to transition to having only a 4mm piece of rubber under my foot. With the open sides any rock or small item that might get under your foot is easy to remove quickly.

Another benefit to the minimal materials is that I can wear them in water, mud, dirt, or sand and they wash off and dry quickly.  Needless to say right now I am in love with my Xero Shoes.

After I give them more of a workout I will post an update.