One thing that comes up while we have been traveling revolves around how to make money on the road. One of the most popular options involves Network Marketing or Direct Sales. But how do you choose? Which Opportunity is going to make the most money? Which one is going to be the easiest? Which one is right for me?

When trying to choose a company to go with the best option is to find a Company or Product you can get Passionate about and promote that business. If you are passionate about the product promoting it will come naturally to you. And in worse case you will not be stuck with a whole bunch of product that you can’t/won’t use.

Back in November 2016, while looking for other ways to build income streams, we were approached about a new Network Marketing Opportunity in the Wine Business. At the time it was in Pre-launch phase, The company had been around for a few years with a great following and high Retention Rate. They had decided to use Network Marketing as their platform to continue to grow the business.

When you come across a Product that sells itself and has a great Compensation plan that gives you the ability to Make your investment back in as little as 2 Business Reps, you just have to say “YES”. When you get started and see the Resources and Support that have been put together for you it is insane.

In a lot of other Network Marketing Businesses you have to Teach People about your product, or convince them to continue using a workout plan, diet or makeup. With our company the process is simple.

Just Ask:
“Do you know anyone who Likes Wine?”
“Would you like to have Hand Picked Wines from around the world Delivered to your Door every month?”
“Every Delivery includes Tasting Notes and Food Paring ideas”
“What if it was Guaranteed that if you did not like a Wine then the company would replace it for FREE?”
“Would you be interested in getting your Wine for Free? All you need to do is refer 3 customers to the club.”
“Would you like 2 bottles per month or 4 bottles per month?”



That is all that it takes to get started making money. We are excited about the start we have already had, and looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

If you are interested in more information on our Fun Wine Business take a look at this Short Video and let us know what you liked best.

Wine Opportunity Informational Video